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mardi 1 avril 2008

paper crane jacket developments

l_side_1this was my first version using the pattern on page 30 of pattern magic volume 2. using a crisp coated cotton fabric that holds the stiff form and shape to create a wonderful feature wardrobe piece.

rear_viewthis was my second version of what i now fondly refer to as my 'paper crane jacket' due to it's shape when sewn and lying flat. this is a stretch cotton/lycra fabric that gives supreme comfort and wearability.

top_frontmy most recent version takes the neckline detail from the pattern and applies it to a shaped sleeveless top with back flap detail that i have designed. this uses a silken and drapey fabric to create a quietly elegant top.

next? perhaps a long sleeved version of the modified sleeveless top above.

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  • very beautiful

    Posté par la souris rose, mardi 1 avril 2008 à 13:32
  • Gorgeous!
    It's just simply beautiful. You did a great job. I really like the neckline detail of your third version.
    I'm looking forward seeing your next "couture"!
    . *See U soon* . ..

    Posté par lil*, mardi 1 avril 2008 à 13:49
  • your creations are awesome !

    Posté par wildmary, mardi 1 avril 2008 à 14:36
  • I love it ! yes ! great job ! C'est trop beau )

    Posté par helenepiano, mardi 1 avril 2008 à 15:32
  • These are beautiful !! I like your jackets, and I love your top !! I saw the others photographies, and all details are so great !! Bravo !!!

    Posté par Marianne, mardi 1 avril 2008 à 16:41
  • Very nice job !
    Love those three tops. They are great and look gorgeous.
    I especially like the third and second one... seams really confortable.
    Very nice work.

    Posté par CouCou33, mardi 1 avril 2008 à 18:46
  • very cute !!

    I love it !!

    BRAVO !

    Posté par le bec, jeudi 3 avril 2008 à 01:31

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